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  1. How to choose the best artichokes
  2. My preferred method of cleaning artichokes.
  3. Artichokes. cleaning and choice
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  5. Variety of recipes with artichokes

The artichokes They are delicious winter vegetables that, depending on the harvest area, their season usually begins in November and lasts until March.

How to choose the best artichokes

With the naked eye we must check the color of its leaves, which have an intense green color and no dark spots. The sheets must be tight and well glued together. It is very important to make sure that they are hard, with a firm interior, so it is convenient to feel them and discard those that are soft with a flabby heart and separate leaves.

should choose artichokes small or medium since the large ones can be hard and make cooking difficult.

They are very easy to prepare and give a lot of play in the kitchen. There are endless delicious recipes both with the artichoke as the main ingredient, as a garnish. One of my favorite recipes is the “Stuffed artichokes and I adore the“Artichoke and Strawberry Salad”However, a recipe that I prepare a lot is the upholstered shower heads because in my house they like them a lot.

My preferred method of cleaning artichokes.

Artichokes. cleaning and choice


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Plato side dish, main course

artichokes (amount to taste)

  • 3 or 4 parsley branches
  • one lemon
  • water with ice
  • Depending on the recipe, leave the stem, cutting only a lower part or if we prefer to use only the heart of the artichoke, we will cut the stem at the base of it.

  • Peel the stem and gradually remove the outer leaves of the artichoke until reaching the heart of the artichoke, where we will notice a lighter green color that also augurs tender leaves.

  • Cut the top of the artichoke as the tips of the leaves are usually very hard.

  • If we leave the artichoke whole we could already say that it is ready.If we want it in half or in quarters, it is time to cut it in half, in the very center of the heart of the artichoke we can see some almost translucent hairs that should be removed because they are bitter.
  • As we clean them, we will transfer them to a bowl with ice water (we can add a few ice cubes), the parsley and the sliced ​​lemon, we can even squeeze it and leave everything in the water. Dipping the clean artichokes in this preparation helps us to mitigate the oxidation of this vegetable.

  • Once we have followed the cleaning process we already have them ready to cook.

Watch this recipe on VIDEO

Another cleaning option is to put them whole in a pot with water and cook them until they are tender, drain them and only then remove the outer leaves, peel the stem, etc. It is true that at first glance it may seem easier but in my eyes it has other difficulties such as having to find a pot big enough to hold the whole artichokes and on the other hand, they float, so you also have to look for something (you can be the lid of a pot) that exerts weight on them and that prevents them from floating.

I hope you are encouraged to prepare artichokes at home and enjoy making delicious recipes with them, with hardly any time or effort.

Variety of recipes with artichokes

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