Cheese and cornstarch cake. In AIR FRYER and OVEN

  2. Cheese and cornstarch cake. In air fryer or oven
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I love the biscuitsIn general I like all of them, nothing seems richer to me than enjoying my breakfasts with homemade cake. On this page there are nearly two hundred recipes for biscuits but I didn't have any with ground walnuts and look how I like them.

It's a Biscuit very tender with a fluffy crumb that we couldn't like more. Homemade pastry has double satisfaction, making it and tasting it.

I do many biscuits throughout the year, almost always one a week so you can imagine the number of recipes I have, for me the dense and moist crumbs like the one in the marbled yogurt and pistachio cake I am excited, but in winter I always repeat the Tangerine cake that my husband loves, but if I have to do something special to give away, I don't risk it and I go to the classic butter cake because I know that it never disappoints.

In the fryer, the one that has achieved the most success so far has been the carrot cake and it is not strange because the texture of the crumb was extraordinary.

I never forget my friend Sara who can't take sugar and when we see each other I always do her preferred cake without added sugar.

cheese biscuit

Cheese and cornstarch cake. In air fryer or oven


An idelicious cake with a tender texture and full of flavor

Preparation time fifteen min

Cooking time 1 h

total time 1 h fifteen min

  • 200 gram sugar
  • 200 gram soft wheat flour
  • 40 gram cornstarch (you can replace them with their same weight in wheat flour)
  • 10 gram chemical booster (baking powder)
  • 1 pinch living room
  • 1 CDTA vanilla
  • 3 you eggs
  • 100 gram soft oil
  • 120 gram cream cheese
  • icing sugar for finishing (optional)
  • Sift the wheat flour, the cornstarch with the salt and the chemical booster. Reserve.

  • Mix the sugar with the eggs until you get a homogeneous cream

  • Add the oil and cream cheese and integrate

  • Add the vanilla and mix

  • Pour the mixture into a greased mold

  • BAKE:- In AIR FRYER (mine has double resistance and does not need preheating) in BAKE function at 160º for 45 minutes. - In OVEN: In a preheated oven at 180º with heat up and down for approximately 50 minutes or until poking with a skewer comes out dry.
  • After baking, wait 8 or 10 minutes, unmold on a wire rack and let cool.

  • Dust with icing sugar and serve

Keep this cake properly wrapped for 3 or 4 days. It can also be frozen.

When is the cake done?

  • All cooking times are approximate, both in a deep fryer and in a traditional oven. Check the baking point of the cake just after the indicated time; It should be golden brown by now and starting to pull away from the sides of the pan. Feel the surface with your fingers: must have a firm touch. You can insert a fine needle into the thickest part of the cake. Slowly withdraw the needle: it should not carry still raw dough attached. Don't confuse the sticky texture of the fruit with what the cake batter is.
  • Controls baking and if the surface is browned too muchcover with aluminum foil, if this is not necessary DO NOT OPEN THE OVEN during the cooking process under any circumstances.
  • If you make this cake in a deep fryer, DO NOT OPEN IT before a minimum of 30 minutes have elapsed, not even to "control".

ALL what you need to know so that your biscuits come out PERFECTyou got it HERE spend a few minutes, assimilate the information and begin.

You ask me a lot about which is my air fryer, I leave you the link to MY EXPERIENCE WITH THE AIR FRYER


Other recipes that you can not miss

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