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This is one cake-empanada very common in Uruguay, Chile and Argentina. Originally from Italy, specifically from Liguria, it is prepared in several Italian towns with different characteristics.

When to make the EASTER BROCCOLI CAKE?

Although it is typical of Easter and represents the summit of the paschal meal, in the past there was competition between housewives for whoever showed the greatest skill in superimposing up to thirty sheets of dough as a tribute to the age of Christ.

I don't remember that in Montevideo made Pascualina (we call it that, Pascualina without further adjectives) on a special date, what I do remember is that it was never lacking in celebrations of any kind, especially birthdays.

In Montevideo it was done without distinction spinach or chard and although I like it the most (liked) it is with chard, I have tried a new formula that has captured me, the broccoli stuffing. It is incredible how a filling can be turned upside down by putting a different vegetable, this filling of Pascualina with broccoli It has caused a sensation in my house and I have fallen in love with it, it has been delicious.

And on the other hand, eating vegetables is always a success, so nothing more to say than to encourage you to do this cake Pascualina or vegetable pie.

Of course, the mass cannot be other than the empanada dough from my aunt Aurita but if you are very pressed for time and you feel like doing this Pascualina, You can also make it with two purchased puff pastry sheets that nothing happens and although it is not the same, it is similar.

The eggs used in this recipe are DEMILLO. The corn-based diet of the hens gives Demillo eggs that characteristic color and flavor of traditional Galician eggs. As if they came straight from grandma's corral.

Watch this recipe on VIDEO


broccoli pascualina


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Kitchen room sweet italian

  • 1 frying pan

  • 1 to be

  • 1 baking dish

  • 1 1/2 kg broccoli
  • one large or 2 small leeks
  • 1/4 chopped onion
  • 1/4 minced red pepper
  • 1/4 chopped green pepper
  • fifty gram Parmesan
  • 100 gram crumbled feta
  • 200 gram of mozzarella
  • 100 ml Cream (animal or vegetable or evaporated milk)
  • 3 tbsp ketchup
  • oregano, salt and black pepper
  • olive oil
  • 7 DEMILLO eggs
  • one empanada dough from my aunt AURITA (click on recipe name) + 1 egg to paint (use the dough from the BAKING PAN)
  • Wash the broccoli and shred it into small florets. Cook it in water (without salt) until it is tender. Drain and reserve

  • Put a drizzle of oil in a frying pan, add the chopped leek, fry briefly and add the onion and the chopped peppers, sprinkle with salt and pepper. Cook between 3 and 5 minutes.

  • Add the chopped broccoli, the Parmesan, the feta cheese, the cream mixed with the egg, and mix.

  • Turn off the heat, pour the mixture into a bowl, add oregano, tomato sauce, mix and let cool.

  • Make the dough, roll out half (the base) cover with the filling, make 6 holes with the handle of a spoon and place 1 egg in each of the holes, put a pinch of salt on each egg, cover with the mozzarella, put the dough lid, close the edges and decorate as desired (follow video)

  • Prick the entire surface, paint with beaten egg and bake in a preheated oven at 195º C with heat below and air (or heat below and above) for approximately 50 minutes or until golden brown.

  • Remove from the oven, transfer to a wire rack to cool and serve.

It can be frozen and thawed at room temperature or in the fridge. At the time of serving it is delicious if it is given a few minutes in the oven

A salty cake that is ideal for snacks or dinners and that your diners will love.

to enjoy this broccoli pascualina

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