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One of the seafood that is not missing in my house when we are celebrating, are the anchors that by overwhelming majority is the seafood par excellence that attracts more followers.

I always buy the anchors alive to make sure they are very fresh.

The Galician crab It is one of the most characteristic crustaceans of Galicia, caught in the waters of the Galician estuaries in a traditional way with "nasas de nécora", linked for a long time to the landscapes of the Galician ports, where they remained piled up waiting for their exit to the sea where they serve as a trap for this valued crustacean of nocturnal habits and they are collected by the fishermen the next day, checking if they have been tempted by the lure placed in the pot during their expeditions.

The Galician estuaries They are considered one of the most important deposits of phytoplankton on the planet according to the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations), which makes our waters one of the the most fertile in the world. The quality of Galician waters is uniqueIt is these waters that differentiate the Galician fish and shellfishmaking them a benchmark in gastronomy thanks to their quality, unmistakable flavor and the good work of the people the sea of ​​Galicia. The taste of Galician crabs is closely related to the quality of the waters of our Rías, giving it that unmistakable quality and flavor.

The sex of the anchors Galician is easily differentiablepresenting the females a broader and more rounded abdomen than that of malesbeing the size of the major forceps in the latter. What you will not get a difference in is the flavor of its delicate meat, being a little more pronounced in males than in females.

One of the recipes that is most noticeable in the flavor it has anchors is the Fish soup.

If you have a party in sight, do not hesitate, with these anchors You will impress your guests.

You can give yourself a tribute for any reason but on a Sunday out of the blue, serve some delicious spider crabsnail clams to the sailor or one Galician octopus and your family will give you the wave.


Galician crabs


Preparation time 10 min

Cooking time 5 min

Plato incoming

Kitchen Salty. Partying

  • Put enough water in a large pot and put 60 g of coarse salt for each liter of water (sea water can be used) and the bay leaf at the same time

  • If the crabs are alive, we put them in the pot when the water is hot, so we make sure that their legs will not fall off during cooking. If the crabs are dead, we will put them when the water begins to boil.In both cases we count 5 minutes from when the water starts to boil.
  • Once cooked, remove them, transfer to a source and serve.

freeze crabs

.- When we have cooked the crabs we let them cool down and we can freeze them. Cover them with a cotton cloth dipped in the cooking water, store them in a plastic bag, close well and store in the freezer for a maximum time of 3 months. How do we defrost? We took the crabs out of the freezer the day before and let them thaw slowly in the fridge. A while before serving them, we take them out of the fridge to warm up and be able to enjoy all the flavor of the crabs.

Galician necoras

To enjoy!!

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