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  1. Galician broth recipe: is there only one?
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  4. Galician soup. Galician cuisine
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He Galician soup It is the best antidote against the cold that is used in Galicia for many generations, being one of the most typical dishes of our gastronomy. I'll tell you how to prepare it!

Galician broth recipe: is there only one?

The recipe will vary according to what is available in each house and the customs of the place even within Galicia. There are different recipes for Galician broth, all are valid, none is above the other, grandmothers were the ones who made the best broths and used what they had at home.

There is something characteristic (not essential, it can be done with cabbage, collard greens...) and they are the cabbagestypical Galician vegetable and that surprisingly I have seen for sale in a grocery store in a small French town that made me think that it would be owned by an emigrant Galician.

Watch this recipe on VIDEO

Salted pork, bacon, pork shoulder, ointment, backbone, rib, etc. along with the turnip tops, beans and potatoes make up the essence of this comforting dish. It is tradition to put a piece of old chicken, if you have it great but it is not so easy to buy old chicken at any time so I use large chicken and if I can, I buy free-range. I also like to put a piece of veal in it because it makes a richer broth. The important thing is to get a good broth and for this, forget about the rules that are there for, to break them, use the meats that you have on hand and then serve them in a separate bowl in case someone wants to accompany them to the broth or you can also make clothes old, croquettes, etc.

The spread in the Galician broth recipe

One of the fetish ingredients of Galician soup is he "until"which is nothing more than salted pork fat, rolled up on itself and used to give "substance" to the set.

He until It is the white fat that lines the casings of the pig's small intestine. For its conservation, it is spread out, sprinkled with coarse salt and then rolled up on itself making a kind of bundle that is smoked and left to cure, acquiring its characteristic yellowish hue.

From the essential ingredients in each house we enrich with what we like the most.

He Galician soup it gains flavor the next day when everything is "more established", in the refrigerator it stays in perfect condition for up to five days.

Galician soup. Galician cuisine


Plato main meal, starter

Kitchen Galician

  • 2 kg of turnip greens
  • 8 liters of water
  • 350 gram salty bacon
  • 600 gram salty ham
  • 1 piece of salty rib
  • 700 gram veal shank
  • 2 old chicken thighs (or chicken if you can't find it)
  • fifty gram from point to point
  • 500 gram of beans soaked from the day before
  • 1,200 kg of patatos
  • Salt
  • 4 sausages
  • Soak the beans the night before in plenty of water

  • Desalt salted pork, depending on its degree of salinity, it may take 24 or 12 hours and change the water at least once.

  • Pour cold water into a pot and add the beans and meat (except the chorizos) cook over medium-low heat and after the first half hour, it is convenient to remove those pieces of meat that are being cooked. Transfer the cooked meats to a platter and cover it with aluminum foil to prevent them from getting cold.

  • Check the amount of salt (in case the bacon was still very salty and the water had salted) and add salt.

  • Remove the grease when it has been in the pot for more or less an hour so you will prevent it from dissolving and with the time it has been cooking it will already have given its substance to the broth

  • Put 2 or 3 ladles of broth in a saucepan or small pot and cook the chorizos in that broth.

  • Peel the potatoes and cut them the size of "potato for broth" but cut them by breaking them so that when placed in the pot they release a little starch and thicken the broth.

  • Wash the turnip tops, discard the stems and cut them often.

  • Once the meats are cooked and removed for a platter, add the turnip tops and potatoes, cook until everything is tender. Rectify salt.

  • Let stand with the pot covered for 15 minutes.

  • The meat is usually served chopped together with the chorizos in a separate dish.

  • Serve hot.

  • I like that it has a lot of vegetables and that when eaten it is not too liquid.
    Normally the potato and some beans that break give it enough flour to thicken it a bit, a trick to help this happen is to scoop up some potatoes with a spoon or slotted spoon, mash them and add them to the broth.
  • If the beans are fresh, you do not need to soak them, the same if you buy them fresh in season and freeze them, they would not need to be soaked or cooked as much.
  • I really like to buy a piece of fresh bacon (with skin and bone) and salt it with coarse salt 12 or 24 hours before, I put it in a tupperware container, first I put coarse salt on the bottom, then the meat and cover with salt and cover. the fridge. The meat is left with a point of salt, optimal. When I use it, I wash it under the tap and directly into the pot.
  • When I make broth I make a lot because I freeze tuppers, I give it to my children and it makes up for me to make a lot because I put a lot of meat in it, it is delicious and it is easier to make more than less. However, you can do half the recipe.
  • ATTENTION: What's happening if the beans are fully cooked when you are going to add the turnip tops and potatoes? In general, the meats are usually cooked before the beans are cooked, so at that moment we transfer the meats to a platter, the beans remain in the pot and we add the turnip tops and potatoes and everything will be cooked at the same time. BUT, if this is not the case, if the beans are already cooked, we make a shortcut and it is with a slotted spoon to remove the beans to a bowl (it does not matter if there are some left in the pot, it is about removing the majority), add the potatoes and turnip tops cook them and when they are done, we pour the bowl of beans into the pot and everything together and perfect. It doesn't usually happen, but it also depends on the type of beans, it has happened to me to cook and cook the beans and never get them to become tender and yet with other types of beans it has happened to me that they cooked sooner than expected, That's why you have to have plan B.

THE STOCK POT, My stock pot has a capacity of 11 liters and you can get it HERE.

Turnips, Galician cabbage or cabbage are also used as a substitute for turnip tops or even both, and it is also very tasty.

Although it is used as a first course, if there is a good dessert (and that is not lacking) it can constitute a unique dish and accompanied by a good Galician bread, nothing more is needed.

To enjoy!

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