Galician spider crab. VIDEO of cooking and presentation

  1. Everything you need to know about the Galician spider crab. VIDEO of cooking and presentation
  2. Buy it fresh or cooked?
  3. How do I choose it?
  4. How to cook Galician spider crab.
  5. You can see this recipe on how to cook and present king crab on VIDEO
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Everything you need to know about the Galician spider crab. VIDEO of cooking and presentation

Is it called spider or spider? Depending on whether it is male or female, you can qualify it.Galician spider

Different species of spiny shell crabs are known by the name spider crab. Its legs are generally thin and hairy and have elongated claws.

In our country, the spider crab is caught on the Atlantic coast, especially in Galiciaand although it is also found in the Mediterranean it is not as tasty as the Galician, well, no fish in the Mediterranean is as tasty as that from the churning waters of the Atlantic or the Cantabrian Sea. The spider crab has its best season in winter and has a closed period in which females are not consumed as they are spawning.

Recognize male and female: Unlike what happens with other crustaceans, the female is smaller than the male, but more meaty. We can recognize them by looking at the curved tongue located at the back of the carapace, which is triangular in shape in males and, however, in females it is rounded and is where they transport the roe.

Galician or foreign? the Galician twinkle It has a much more intense color than the foreign one, which is much paler. The shell of the Galician spider crab usually has algae attached, pieces of nets, etc., something that the others do not have. The Galician spider crab is a little more expensive than the one from abroad, but it is very worth it because its flavor is centuries away from the other.

I encourage you to buy Galician seafoodIt is delicious, it has an authentic flavor of the sea and except at very specific times of the year, its price is within the reach of the whim of any day that you propose.

Buy it fresh or cooked?

Unless the place where you buy it is totally trustworthy, I wouldn't buy it cooked because in the first place, you don't know how long it has been cooked and if that period is long, it won't have even a quarter of the flavor of a fresh spider crab. done. However, there are places that sell them and cook them in seawater the same day they are shipped and the result is perfect.

How do I choose it?

If you dare to choose it, you must hold it by the outside of the spider crab with its legs up and swinging to check if it weighs enough because it is full. I am not an expert in this (in almost nothing) so I leave the choice to my fishmonger, who I always warn that I want them to be well filled, etc. etc. It seems obvious, but it is better to reinforce the idea.

Galician spider

How to cook Galician spider crab.


The recipe that I explain is for one crab, if you make more, multiply the recipe by the number of crabs you make.

  • 1 1 kg per cent.
  • Coarse salt
  • Laurel optional
  • Cold or hot water? If the spider crab is alive, it must be placed in cold or warm water so that little by little it dies without losing its legs in the process. The cooking period is counted from when it starts to boil.

  • If it is dead, you can put it with the boiling water and salt and count the cooking period from when it boils again.

  • Cooking

  • - We put a pot with enough water to cover the Crab during cooking and about 50-60 gr. of coarse salt. If you could have sea water, much better.

  • Optional: I add some bay leaves

  • - When the water is warm it is time to introduce the spider crab with its legs up, so we will not lose the broth that the body has, it is more prudent to hold it from the back so if it is alive we will not have a scare with the tongs

  • - Once the water starts to boil you must count exactly 15 minutes. (one crab of 1 kg)

  • For every half kilo of weight you should add 5 more minutes

  • COOK AND FREEZE: If you feel like cooking and freezing them, follow the same cooking procedure but subtract a couple of minutes. Let cool completely, cover with a damp kitchen towel drained of cooking water, and store in a bag suitable for freezing. Freeze with the legs up so that the broth is not lost. It is recommended to consume within three months. You must thaw it in the refrigerator.

  • Presentation of the Crab:

  • We begin by holding the upper part of the spider crab with the left hand, resting it on a rigid surface and with its legs up, with the other hand or with the help of a knife with which to pry, we remove the tongue from the surface and then all the inside the body. We discarded the gills, some white bags attached to the sides of the body. We take care not to lose the broth, which is terrific. Now we have the body covered with a whitish crust that is filled with meat. To remove this meat, we cut it in four with a knife (it is relatively soft) and with a special utensil we remove all the meat from the body and put it in the shell. together with the broth, we mix with a fork. Another option is to cut that cartilaginous interior and present it like this so that each diner can taste it that way. I prefer to pass the work and present it already crumbled.

  • We break the legs with a sharp blow (I do it with a small hammer) in order to facilitate the tasting for our guests.

  • We serve the spider crab surrounded by the legs.

  • Seldom is it so real that "a picture is worth a thousand words", so I leave you a video[/b] of how the spider crab is prepared once it is cooked and presented on the table.
- It is better to eat this shellfish freshly made (it does not need to be hot, it can be cold) and not refrigerate it since during the cold process the meat dries out a bit and it is more difficult to extract it.
- There is a legend, perhaps true, that females are tastier than males.
- It is essential to accompany this dish with a good, chilled Galician white wine.
- It is a forceful dish, so if you put it first, make the second light.
- These sparkles are from a bit of sea, They serve you perfectly packaged at the door of your house and they have arrived alive. That you know that by following this blog, you have an 8% discount when making your purchase just by putting broken8 in the discount code.
Another option to take into account is that if you prefer that they be sent to you cooked, Bocado de Mar cooks them for you the same day of shipment and in SEA WATER and I assure you that they give it an impeccable point. I tried this option one day when I had guests and was short on time, and everyone was delighted.
I DO NOT BUY OR RECOMMEND TO BUY, king crabs with roeIn this publication you can see several photographs and none of you see a spider crab with roe but the one you see in the VIDEO was given to me, but they must be fish, or sell, or buy crabs with roes.

You can see this recipe on how to cook and present king crab on VIDEO

Do you prepare it in another way? Tell me about it, contributions are always welcome in this kitchen 🙂

Undoubtedly a seafood that likes a lot.

It's one of the Seafood that I like the most for its intense flavor.

To enjoy!!!

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