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He Galician style cod It is one of those dishes that I remember for a lifetime at my parents' house, a simple preparation dish and in which the product is very important. First the "desalted" It is essential, so you have to take this step seriously or simply buy a “salt point” cod so you will avoid that intermediate step.

Why make this Galician cod recipe?

My mother always made this recipe like this and that's how I learned to make it myself. I remember that one of the steps my mother emphasized was when adding the paprika, the oil should not be too hot to prevent them from burning and spoiling. the plate.

My father loved to add a spoonful of vinegar to the sauce and I love to put it on but it's optional, you decide if you want it or not.

He cod gathers millions of faithful and my family is no exception, although the Cod Portuguese we love him cod with cauliflower I repeat it often because my eldest son, the Vigil stew or chickpeas with cod It is never absent in my house during Holy Week and also a couple more times a year, however the rice farmers in my house adore above all the Rice with chickpeas and cod and is not for less.

Galician style cod.


2 people

  • 3 or 4 potatoes depending on the size
  • 2 pieces of desalted cod about 200 g each
  • 2 garlic cloves no germ
  • 1 medium onion
  • Sweet and spicy paprika from La Vera amount to taste
  • Salt
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 tablespoon mild vinegar optional
  • If you have bought the salted cod, the first thing you will have to do is desalt it, following the instructions that I have explained to you to the letter. HERE. It is very important to take desalting seriously or you can spoil the dish. If you buy it at the point of salt you will avoid the problem.
  • Peel the potatoes, cut them into thick slices and put them to cook in a pot with water. When they have been cooking for about 10 minutes, add the cod pieces to the pot and on top of the potatoes, cover and count 8 more minutes.

  • Until now we have not put salt because there is always the possibility that the cod is not as desalted as we thought and when cooking with the potatoes it releases some salt that benefits the potatoes as well as enriching them with flavor

  • What if the cod was perfectly desalted and we didn't add salt to the potatoes? nothing happens, we sprinkle a little salt on the potatoes when putting them in the serving dish or on the plate before sprinkling with the garlic sauce, it is better to rectify a plate with salt than the other way around.

  • While the potatoes and cod are cooking, make the garlic sauce.

  • We put a generous stream of extra virgin olive oil in a pan and when it is hot (without smoking) we add the minced garlic and the julienned onion, we put everything together over a low heat so that it is poached and NOT toasted. We sprinkle a sprinkle of salt.

  • When everything is well poached, remove the pan from the heat, let the oil warm a little and add the paprika (be careful in this step not to add the paprika with the hot oil because it will burn and make the garlic bitter). Once the paprika is added Stir well, add the tablespoon of vinegar (if you add it) and a couple of tablespoons of cooking water, return the pan to the heat for a couple more minutes and turn off the heat.

  • Presentation

  • Place the potatoes first (since everything is already cooked, we can test the saltiness of the cod and potatoes, if they are flat at the moment, sprinkle salt) and place the cod on top of the potatoes.

  • Cover with the refried sauce, decorate with a sprig of parsnip and serve.

Cooking times can be shorter if the potatoes are cut thinner and the cod pieces are less thick.

Enjoy this Galician style cod

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