Gastronomic proposals for Carnival. GALICIAN CUISINE.

In Galicia we are very "festeiros"We are always celebrating something and it does not matter if it is summer, winter, autumn or spring. When it's not the seafood festival, we have the albariño festival and when it's not, the Lalin stew or the Carballiño octopus festival, and I could go on and on and gastronomy is very present at every festival.

In carnivals, food also complements the playful part and we have as main protagonists the "LACONADAS" accompanied with all kinds of sweets, pancakes, ears, donuts, pumpkin chulas, skillet flowers and the whole range of "BICAS" where you can choose or try a little of all.

broth pancakes

the delicious FREIJÓS (Anise Pancakes) whose recipe you can see HERE.

pancakes with milkmy children's favorites

One of the typical carnival recipes is the typical LACON WITH TURNIP TOPS.


The TRIVES NOZZLEone of the bicas that I associate with the Ourense carnivals.

ANOTHER recipe for EARS

the famous PUMPKIN CUPSwhose recipe you can see HERE.


Since she was not going to be present BICA DE LAZA, recipe HERE



Of all of them, one of the most uniting in enthusiasm is that of the Carnival (Carnival, Anthroid or Introid). The carnival unleashes all fantasies, inviting to change roles and the poor feel rich, men dress up as women and vice versa and children paint their faces with the illusion of feeling older. A whole world of magic that revolutionizes the quiet life of the Galicians and that is also transferred to the daily life of the kitchen.

how we like them ANIS DONUTS. (OTHERS)

I propose some of the most iImportant dishes of Galician gastronomy that are consumed during this popular festival, at least in some places in Galicia and that I hope you enjoy as much as we do.

Another of the recipes that we love are the CARNIVAL DRITTERS

Click on the photo or HEREto see all the recipes CARNIVAL.

Very celebrated carnivals in Galicia in general and in Ourense in particular.


To enjoy!

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