Imilchil Festival: Marriage for love

  1. Imilchi's story
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Morocco is famous for its festivals, and one of the most popular is that of Imilchil. All cities and cultures have a variety of festivals that help preserve traditions. Festivals help build community bonds and keep a sense of unity alive. Today we will learn about the Imilchil Festival, a fascinating event that takes place in Morocco.

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Imilchil is a relatively remote settlement in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, inaccessible due to harsh terrain and isolation. Aid Haddidou, a semi-nomadic tribe, owns the settlement. Yet this isolated community has long attracted tourists, scholars, and culture buffs. Let's delve into the history of this small and unrecognized community, hidden in the heart of the mountains and now a popular tourist attraction.

Imilchi's story

The sad love story of two lovers who met an untimely end is the popular folklore of Imilchi. The two lovers, who belonged to different Berber clans, fell in love. As conservatism prevailed in society, the lovers' families forbade them to marry. Tormented by the anguish and misery of having to spend the rest of their lives apart, the lovers wept themselves to death in a lake of tears.

Later, their families began to commemorate their deaths as a sign of love and sacrifice. Furthermore, the leader of the tribe, Sidi Mohammed El Maghani, is buried in Imilchi, and it is believed that a couple blessed by the leader will have a prosperous marriage.

The small town becomes a bridal market hosting an annual three-day wedding party at the end of September. Although no one gets married at this event, it is an opportunity for the youth of the tribe to choose the spouse they want for themselves. Interaction, flirting, and socializing are encouraged, and when a couple falls in love, they announce their engagement publicly. The entire event is a fantastic display of joy and celebration. There are music and dance shows, bazaars are set up and an atmosphere of bustle and energy is breathed.

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The bridal museum

The Imilchil Bride Party is more than just an annual event; it is an example of social interaction and the tribal heritage of Morocco's indigenous minority. Additionally, the event coincides with the conclusion of the summer season, which coincides with the end of the harvest season. In most regions of the world, tribal society is related to agriculture and livestock, and the Moussem de Las Novias festival combines harvest celebrations, kinship, the memory of historical traditions and the homage to the ancestors.

This event not only helps singles discover suitable marriages, but also the divorced and bereaved to find a new partner. The outfits and hairstyles that are used to separate men and women who are going to contract their first marriage from those who are divorced or widowed. Divorced women wear a conical hat, but single women don't. The men wear nice white or light colored suits and a white turban to cover their heads.

We urge you to visit this event the next time you plan a Morocco vacation to observe a unique cultural custom. However, you should be warned that the celebration is fiercely guarded by the members of the tribe, as it is considered sacred and treasured. Tourists and foreigners who want to experience the event are only allowed to witness it from afar, without participating in it, so as not to disturb the ritual and encourage healthy contact between local people in order to find a good partner.

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