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  1. Variations of Sweet Arabian Bride Fingers
    1. Properties of Rose Water in Sweet Bridal Fingers

The sweet fingers of the bride, are a rich and very popular dessert, from the heart of the ancient and traditional cuisine of the gastronomy of the north and south of Lebanon; as well as in Beirut. As expected, depending on each region, different names are given to it, for example, in the southern region of Lebanon, they call it Graybe's Balls and the northern Mamul zone and in Beirut, specifically, in the central strip, they are affectionately called Sweet Fingers of Bride or fingers of zainahgiven its form of presentation, which look like fingers wrapped in a delicate and fine wedding dress, an effect that is achieved with the phyllo dough.

It should be noted that each of the preparations of the Sweet Fingers of the Bride, are prepared and presented differently, thus the Balls of Graybe is a cookie, the Mamul a bread with sweet filling and the sweet fingers of the bride, a light filo dough. , which surrounds a succulent stew, either salty or sweet.

Sweet Bride Fingers

75 Servings

Difficulty: Easy

Preparation time: 20 minutes

Cooking time:
1 hour 30 minutes

Overall time:
1 hour 50 minutes

And without further ado, let's warm up and learn how to make the delicious Sweet Fingers of the Bride, from Lebanon for your table.

  • Sweet Bride Fingers

    Let's start by making the syrup, where you will have to place the water together with the honey, sugar, juice, slices and lemon peel, take it to the fire, until the sugar lumps are completely dissolved and a thick consistency is obtained. Remove from the heat, add the rose water and cover immediately.

  • Sweet Bride Fingers

    Melt the butter in the microwave, for about 10 seconds or as long as necessary, until it becomes completely liquid.

  • Sweet Bride Fingers

    Crush the walnuts with a mortar or, alternatively, chop them finely and reserve

  • Sweet Bride Fingers

    While it begins to cool down, proceed to make the fingers, take the phyllo dough and very carefully, proceed to place the butter, using a kitchen brush, to spread it evenly.

  • Sweet Bride Fingers

    Once it is well varnished, place the previously chopped nuts

  • Sweet Bride Fingers

    Start rolling them up, taking care that the filling does not come out

  • Sweet Bride Fingers

    Cut it into cylinders of approximately 10 cm, and put them on a buttered oven tray, once you have finished making all the fingers, bathe them all with the leftover butter.

  • Sweet Bride Fingers

    Take to the oven at a temperature of 120 °, for about 30 minutes, after this time you must increase the temperature to 150 °, for another 30 minutes, remove from the oven and let rest

  • Sweet Bride Fingers

    Put it in a presentation dish and cover them with the rich syrup that you had preserved and the perfect snack is ready. There are people, who after placing the syrup, sprinkle icing sugar

Variations of Sweet Arabian Bride Fingers

Sweet Bride Fingers

There are many variations that are made within the framework of this rich recipe, which tells us in each bite the history of the ancient Beirut and of course Lebanon, where versatile ingredients such as cheese and nuts have been incorporated, being those of preference: pistachio, walnuts, almonds and peanuts.

It is important to emphasize that the ingredient that is not usually substituted is phyllo dough, despite the fact that some cooks have tried to make them with puff pastry, a dough that detracts from the original flavor, as well as delicacy, because it is a little thicker.

Since, if you compare both, you will realize that the phyllo dough is a delicate and finite paste, almost transparent, which is obtained, once you have processed three ingredients such as:

Sweet Bride Fingers

Flour, water and lard or butter while, in the puff pastry, despite the fact that it basically consists of the same ingredients, its production procedure is totally different and in addition to it, it has more fat.

Another ingredient that you should not omit is rose water, that substance that will give you that special aroma of softness and elegance, an ingredient of high esteem, within these countries of the Middle East, Asia, India and of course, in the Arab peoples.

Also, you will be giving yourself health, thanks to its excellent properties.

Properties of Rose Water in Sweet Bridal Fingers

The properties of rose water in the Sweet Fingers of the Bride, are based on:

? Its high content of vitamins C and E, las which directly affect the freshness of the skin, for its properties of hydration, rejuvenation and cell restoration.

? It is also an excellent; disinfectant, hemostatic and anti-inflammatory.

? Very good for removing skin blemishes

? For years, it has been the secret of the most beautiful, for all those benefits that affect the skin, as well as the hair, giving it shine, silkiness, manageability, strength, etc.

The Sweet Fingers of the Bride are essentially very easy to make, they only get a little complicated at the time of assembly, but nothing that you cannot remedy, with just a little patience.

What characterizes this bridal finger dessert is that they are extremely sweet, given the combinations of sugar and honey, which should be consumed with great caution by hyperinsulin or diabetic patients.

Except for that small detail, it is a rich source of energy, to start the day, with encouragement, courage and a lot of courage.

If you have found the Arabic bride's fingers recipe interesting, easy and rich, do not stop scrutinizing, our other preparations are really surprising, you will have one for each day, so move quickly through our page and treasure each and every one of them , which are made with love for you.

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