1. Click on the photo of the ROSCÓN DE REYES whose recipe you want to see.
  2. You can see some of the ROSCONES recipes on VIDEO
  3. Do you want to fill your Roscón de Reyes?
  4. Other roscones that you cannot miss
  5. Have you never made a Roscón de Reyes in your life?
  6. What do I do if instead of a ROSCÓN DE REYES I got a churro?

One of the most emblematic recipes for Christmas sweets is undoubtedly the traditional one of Roscon de Reyes. Far from falling into oblivion, every year there are more and more fans who get into flour to make their own Roscon de Reyes.

In this publication I have chosen more than a dozen roscones recipes among which you can choose between the simple ones and those that reach a slightly higher level of difficulty.

Among these more than TWELVE RECIPES of ROSCONES DE REYES you have them with recipes MANUAL KNEADING, KNEADING IN THERMOMIX, KNEADING IN A MIXER, ROSCÓN IN A FRYERY some you can see on VIDEOChoose the recipe that best suits your needs.

ALL recipes They can be made and you don't have to be a professional, I have made them and I don't dedicate myself to this in a professional way, my recipes are from a normal domestic kitchen such as yours.

And so that there are roscones for all tastes, there is also a recipe for an air fryer, where you can bake your roscón without excessive energy expenditure.

I have not discriminated, I have collected ALL ROSCONES published, the Easter ones also because if you want to adapt them for Kings by substituting the flavoring that the recipe has for orange blossom water, you will convert them.

Click on the photo of the ROSCÓN DE REYES whose recipe you want to see.

You can see some of the ROSCONES recipes on VIDEO


You have THREE VIDEOS of ROSCONES DE REYES recipes, you have them with manual kneading and with kneading in a mixer that you can adapt to your mixer.

ROSA DE HUEVO is a spectacle of flavor


What is the best flour for sweet pastry doughs that contain sugar and butter? The one I like the most is MANITOBA of great strength, in Coruña you can find it in O Recuncho do Granel on San Andrés street. You can get it in establishments that sell flour in bulk or online in stores like El Amasadero. If you can't find high strength flour, you can use full strength flour.

Yeast: Check that if you use dry yeast, it is not expired or it will not work, if you use fresh baker's yeast and you have been tempted to freeze it, I tell you that it works the same but it loses power, try to buy it fresh.

Do not run, give the dough the time the dough needs to develop the yeast and thus have a spongy dough, an essential requirement for the home baker, is to exercise patience, dough and impatience are a bad couple.

The rising times They are not to be taken to the letter, they will depend on the temperature in your kitchen, which may not be the same as mine. if you want to give a little help to your doughturn on your oven at 40º, when it reaches that temperature turn it off, put the dough inside and you will see how happy it gets.

Why doesn't the Roscón rise? Either because you have to give it more time or because the yeast is scarce or expired or you have diluted it in too hot liquid (it must be warm) and it has killed it, therefore, it does not exert its effect.

Don't you like candied fruits? you can decorate only with sugar, custard cream or even put almond chopped or laminated.

Still not liking candied fruits, I invite you not to give up making your own Candied orange and to decorate your roscones with them, they have nothing to do with the purchased ones, they are impressively delicious.

Did your Roscón burn? take care of your oven and if you see that the surface is toasted too much in the middle of baking, cover with aluminum foil. Once the baking is finished, turn off the oven, open the oven door a crack (you can put a wooden spoon in it to prevent it from closing) and let it the heat slowly subsidesso you will avoid sudden temperature changes. This step is not essential if when you remove the roscón from the oven you put it on the counter, protected from drafts.

What is the exact baking time? The one you need YOUR OVENThe times that I indicate are the ones that my oven needs, but I don't know of two that are the same, you must calibrate yours, in any case, after half the minutes that I put in the recipe, start watching in case you get less. Or, better yet, with a kitchen thermometer you will not fail, use a kitchen thermometer THISclick in the center of the dough of the roscón and when mark 96 or 97it will be baked perfectly.

The mass usually gives for two small donuts (about 500 g each) if instead of making a large roscón you prefer to make one of half a kilo, you can freeze the other half of the dough and use it later. When you want to defrost it, leave it at room temperature or in the fridge the night before and follow the recipe, forming the roscón and letting it rise a second time.

she organizes wellYou can leave the roscón at home with the last ferment and go to the parade of kings and when you return, bake it so that the next morning you can have it for breakfast with the classic chocolate.

Do you want to leave the Roscón prepared and bake it as soon as you get up? So at the moment you form the roscón, you paint it with egg and enter the 2nd leavening phase before baking, you put it in the fridge. The next day, take the Roscón out of the fridge, turn on the oven to preheat it and after about 40 minutes (during these minutes the dough will return to room temperature and the oven will heat up), paint again with beaten egg (very gently so that the dough does not fall), you decorate it as you like, with candied fruits, sugar, almonds, as you like and bake.

When is the Roscón more tender? Freshly made, that is a resounding statement, which does not mean that it cannot be eaten if you make it the day before.

Why does the Roscón harden from one day to the next? Mainly because to make it fast we use a lot of yeast, with which they rise quickly but also dry quickly. So if you have a little patience (and time) you can reduce the amount of yeast to half of what is indicated in the recipe and give it more time to rise.

How to get it to stay as tender as possible the next day?

  • Once baked and cold, wrap the Roscón in transparent film to prevent contact with air from drying it out.
  • If you decide DO NOT fill it inthe next day you can heat it for a few minutes in the oven at a temperature of 100º, it will be warm and will seem freshly made..
  • If you decide YES fill it inyou can have the filling prepared and in a moment you fill it the next morning once the transparent film has been removed.

Why does the surface of the roscón crack during baking? It is convenient that the surface of the Roscón is well hydrated with beaten egg during the second leavening and that before entering the oven, we paint again (gently) with egg so that in contact with the heat of the oven it does not crack the surface. Another cause is the thermal shock produced by a “delicate” dough (it has eggs, sugar and butter) with the high temperatures of the oven.

Do you want to fill your Roscón de Reyes?

Other roscones that you cannot miss

Have you never made a Roscón de Reyes in your life?

  • start doing THIS roscón, is very easy and ideal for beginners.

What do I do if instead of a ROSCÓN DE REYES I got a churro?

  • It may be that the flour is bad or expired, that the yeast has been diluted in milk that is too hot and has died before taking effect or that it is also expired. It may also be that you have been doing a thousand things and today was not your best day in the kitchen. In any case, nothing happens, we all have failures when we cook and there is no use complaining about spilled milk. The good thing is that you do not stay with that feeling of "failure" and later, any day when you have more time and less pressure, try again, you will see how well it turns out. Enjoy

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