Noodle soup with substance

  1. Learn how to make my Substantial Noodle Soup.
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  3. Noodle soup with substance
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Although it is true that I was a girl who did not like the soup (and another million other meals) now it excites me and brings back beautiful memories of when I was little and my parents made up a thousand stories for me to eat.

I have to say that I like one hearty noodle soupthat has flavor, that does not look like washed water and for this, you have to look for a good recipe like this and we will have a comforting and luxurious first course of soup.

Learn how to make my Substantial Noodle Soup.

We will start the recipe by browning the meat and vegetables over high heat in a drizzle of olive oil and only when everything is well browned will it be when we add the water to start the process. “get the best substance” and do not doubt it, the result is good, very good.

The vegetable creams they are an ideal complement to any dish or even a perfect sole dish for a light dinner. It is common for my table to have a sweet potato and pumpkin cream, a homemade soup or one market soup in the fridge that the family can enjoy.

Watch this recipe on VIDEO

Take advantage of saving a little clean broth to use in another preparation such as rice, this clean broth is an elixir.

Noodle soup with substance


Preparation time fifteen min

Cooking time 2 h 35 min

total time 2 h fifty min

Plato dinner, healthy food, starter, nutritious dish

Kitchen Healthy drinks, Spanish cuisine, Traditional

  • 1 being big

  • 1 hand blender

  • 1 chicken stilt
  • 350 gram veal bone-in needle
  • 1 large or 2 small leeks
  • 4 carrots
  • angel hair noodles (20 g per 250 ml of broth)
  • salt
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • water that covers
  • I have used 2 liters of broth for the soup and 160 g of noodles)
  • Put a good jet of oil in a tall pot and brown the chicken and meat, add the vegetables and continue browning

  • Add water until it covers all the meat and vegetables, even if it exceeds it, add salt and raise the temperature of the plate until it comes to a boil, from there, lower the heat to low and cook for an hour and a half

  • Remove the meat for a plate and the vegetables for the blender glass with a ladle of broth. Shred the vegetables and reserve.

  • Strain the broth and separate for a pot the amount we need to make soup. (I have used 2 liters of broth for the soup and 160 g of noodles) We can freeze the rest of the clean broth to make another preparation.

  • Put the broth to heat, when it reaches a boiling point, sprinkle salt, add the angel hair noodles (I recommend 20 g for every 250 ml of broth, if you like it thicker you can add 30 g), cook for the time indicated by the manufacturer and put out the fire.

  • Cut the beef chicken meat into small pieces and add it to the pot along with the crushed vegetables, stir, add salt and serve.

to enjoy this HOMEMADE Chicken Noodle Soup

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