Pancakes with milk. GALICIAN CUISINE.

  1. My best recipe for milk pancakes
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  3. Pancakes with milk. GALICIAN CUISINE.
  4. Things to keep in mind when making the recipe for pancakes with milk
  5. Do you think that you are going to burn yourself when turning with your fingers?
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The pancakes of milk are a typical sweet of the Galician gastronomy that although they are usually done all year round, it is a tradition that they are done in the Carnival either Carnival.

The Crepes They are a kind of thin tortilla, they receive different names depending on the part of the world where they are made. We find the French crepes, the Asturian frixuelos, the ash tree and the super thin filloas. If I have to choose between milk pancakes and the broth pancakes it would be complicated for me because I love both, but forced to choose, some good Crepes of broth with a substantial Cooked brothI think they would get my highest number of votes.

Although with different names, the preparation and flavor is very similar in all regions. The French say that they were the first to make crepes and the Galicians say that thanks to the Camino de Santiago the French discovered our pancakes, it is difficult to know which came first, the chicken or the egg.

Although in carnival it is tradition that the Crepes are eaten as dessert and therefore, filled sweetsIn my house we also like to eat them with salty fillings and gratin with creamy bechamel sauce, a real delicacy.

My best recipe for milk pancakes

In Galicia they are made broth pancakes clean and strained (if it is cooked, better) milk, although I make them interchangeably, I like them and they like them both ways, it should be noted that there are also those who make them with water and according to what they say they are also very tasty although I do with water I have not tried them.

In some Galician villages the tradition of making Crepes with pig's blood that they keep on the day of the slaughter. In the cities, due to obvious circumstances, this practice is not common.

Emilia Pardo Bazan published in 1913 his book “Old Spanish Cuisine” this recipe of pancakes with milk And this is how he explained part of the process of this Galician recipe:

The hot frying pan is kept on the fire; it is quickly rubbed with bacon or oil and a very thin layer of amoado is spread. When the tortilla is slightly golden on one side, it turns on the other.”

The filloa is in Galicia, the most delicate candy of Carnival. He has fans.

Responsible for that beautiful color that has remained on the Crepes are the eggs DEMILLOeggs from hens fed with corn that give us well colored yolks.

In my house, both my father and my mother always cooked. but when in doubt, I believe that although my mother had a good hand in the kitchen, my father enjoyed cooking more. When my children were little, they always went one or two days a week to eat at their grandparents' house and without anyone saying anything to them, the previous afternoon they called their grandfather to make them one of his favorite dishes.

I find it very cute my children would have enjoyed having them around so much.

When my father made pancakes, the plate reached the ceiling of the enormous amount that he made, he spent a large part of the afternoon making them and then, the next day he always They played cannelloni and for dessert pancakes with honey.

I bought the filloeira or frying pan in which you see me making the pancakes HERE.

Watch this recipe on VIDEO

Pancakes with milk. GALICIAN CUISINE.


Plato Accompaniment, breakfasts, snacks

Kitchen carnival cuisine, Spanish cuisine, Galician

  • 1,100 milliliters milk
  • 400 milliliters of water
  • 12 eggs DEMILLO
  • 400 gram. sifted flour
  • 2 tablespoons of cold melted lard HERE diluted or 40 g. Of olive oil
  • 1 CDTA Salt
  • 1 piece of Iberian bacon or olive oil to paint the pan.
  • Melt the tablespoon of butter in the microwave at low temperature and let cool. Booking.

  • Mix all the ingredients (better in a blender or kitchen robot) until you get a liquid, homogeneous and lump-free mixture.

  • Let the mixture rest for half an hour so that the ingredients are perfectly integrated.

  • Let stand for half an hour or a little more. Normally after resting, the mixture thickens, if you see that it is necessary add a little more water, broth or milk, the mixture must be quite liquid so that the pancakes come out thin.

  • Put a frying pan or filloeira on the fire, let it warm up and grease it by passing a piece of bacon pierced with a fork over its surface or painting (with a silicone brush) with olive oil.

  • Next, pour a ladle of dough on the pan or filloeira, grab the pan by the handle and with it in your hand make quick and rotating movements so that the dough is well distributed throughout the pan.

  • You put the pan back on the fire and a few seconds later the edges will start to peel off, so with another quick movement you grab it with the tips of your fingers and turn it over, 30 seconds and that's it, go to a source and continue until finish the dough

  • Prepare a platter with pancakes folded in 4, Arzúa cheese cut into small wedges and sliced ​​quinces. Another option is to spread them with honey and roll them up and serve them like this.They are also very tasty if we sprinkle them with sugar, roll them up and heat them in the pan.They can be filled with pastry cream, dulce de leche or cream or, as many like best, they are eaten like this, as they come out of the pan.Enjoy this delicacy.

Things to keep in mind when making the recipe for pancakes with milk

  • Traditionally the first filloa is for the cook, it doesn't usually turn out very well, but it helps us to test the point of salt.
  • It is not necessary to pass the bacon or paint with oil after each filloa, I usually pass fat every 4 pancakes made or with this new filloeira, only the first and second time.
  • Once you find the right point of fire temperature, it's a breeze. Make sure that they do not burn but that they take on a bit of color.
  • You can prepare the dish with the filloas, the cheese and the quinces, cover it with film and have it ready for the moment of taking it to the table.

Do you think that you are going to burn yourself when turning with your fingers?

Well, no, or just a little bit :). It's a fast movement, so you won't even notice it or have time to burn yourself. to enjoy these milk pancakes!

To enjoy these rich MILK CAKES.

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