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The Puff pastry it is the most complicated and laborious dough of all those used in confectionery. In reality, and as you will see below with the step-by-step photos, it is not a difficult dough, but it is true that it has some conditioning factor that should not be forgotten at any time, among them and very important, keeping it cold.

So that we have a lovely puff pastry that when baked rises forming thin and crispy layerswhile light and buttery we must comply with the complete process of the 5 phases with half an hour of cooling in the fridge between each one of them.

At first it may seem a bit heavybut if you follow your plans for the day, you keep doing your things and also when it's time to stretch, you do it and continue with your life until the next, you won't even notice. The good thing is that although the minimum period between folding and folding is 30 minutes if you have gone out and 2 hours have passed, it is not counterproductive, on the contrary.

The ideal is to make this dough one day to use it the next, even make it and freeze it and have it ready for the right moment.

Why should you make HOJALDRE AT HOME?

I tell you one thing, do not miss the experience of trying to make this dough at least once, after that, I don't know…. you feel that nothing can resist you anymoreand when I say “nothing”, I mean the sex-appeal rises 🙂 and you feel invincible 🙂

What I do have to tell you is that today there are very good puff pastry in supermarketsbut of course, talk about this homemade puff pastry It's like mentioning a skateboard and a Ferrari in the same conversation, they can't even be compared.

In any case, I want you to know that If one day you dare, here is a fantastic recipe.

BASIC REQUIREMENT for this recipe: A GOOD BUTTER. There are cheap butters that contain a lot of water and are not suitable for making a good puff pastry.

The puff pastry It is an important ally in the kitchen because once the base is ready, the rest is sewing and singing, we can put a custard cream and do the Strawberry and cream tartor also those of individual format, Cream and apple tarts,

Puff pastry. MASS


2 kg 200 g final mass

  • 600 + 150g butter
  • 1 kg of strength flour
  • 12 gram hallway
  • 500 ml ice water

The correct way to stretch and fold the dough is to keep the ends straight and aligned when folding them like a letter.
In this way the dough rises evenly and the layers are perfect.
It is very important keep the cold in the dough and try not to handle it too much so as not to heat it up.
ATTENTION: If during the folds vis that the butter comes out on the sidesrun to refrigerate the dough in the fridge, that happened because the butter has softened too much and it should be cooled before continuing with the folding.
THE FOLDS: is photographed the FIRST FOLDthe 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th I have only put the final photo of the folding, it is not necessary to repeat the same photos since they are done exactly the same.
Tricks and tips:
- Use a butter with a high percentage of fat (not less than 82%).
- It is not advisable to sprinkle flour in excess or we will spoil the final result.
- Before baking, and after you have stretched your puff pastry on the mold, you should leave it rest in the fridge for half an hour. The dough must be very cold when it enters the oven and receives strong heat, that thermal shock will cause a clearer display of the different layers of puff pastry and it will be much more beautiful.
- The oven must be at a high temperature and preheated at the time of inserting the tray with your puff pastry, after 10 minutes and after the layers separate due to thermal shock during those first 10 minutes, you can lower the temperature a bit.

DURATION OF THIS DOUGH IN THE REFRIGERATOR: This dough remains fresh and in perfect condition for 5 days in the fridge, conveniently wrapped in transparent film.

We can make half of the ingredients but it takes the same time to make twice as much and yet we can take the opportunity to freeze half of the dough and have a wonderful homemade puff pastry to show off on a special occasion.

This is how the puff pastry looks once baked:

We can fill them with pastry cream, dulce de leche, angel hair, Nutella, salty fillings, whatever you like.

A real crunchy and delicious bite.

to enjoy this puff pastry!

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