Sliced ​​bread with wholemeal spelled, rye and milk

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Making sliced ​​bread is very common in my house because we love to have it for breakfast with oil or with oil and tomato, so this INTEGRAL SPELLED BREAD, RYE and MILK with MM o Yeast is one of the recipes that I repeat frequently because the aroma and moisture of the crumb together with a resistant texture have been pushing it to the TOPS recipe group.

Ideal for cutting into thin slices and freeze them to take out daily for sandwiches, toasts, etc. A delicacy that you can make at home if you want to.

The sandwiches with this bread are so delicious that it doesn't matter what you fill them with because the bread itself will make your sandwich an exceptional bite.

Do you wonder if it gives work? well, if you do it with MM it takes more time, with yeast it's done sooner but in any case, making bread at home is not an activity that can be done with little time because the fermentation periods are usually long and you have to be careful, so If you like it and during the week you are in a hurry, get organized and do it on the weekend.

Sliced ​​bread of INTEGRAL SPELLED, rye and milk


30 cm rectangular mold. (a loaf of 1,500 kg

  • 400 gram of strength flour
  • 350 gram whole wheat flour
  • fifty gram rye
  • 160 gram SOURDOUGH hydrated at 60% Recipe HERE
  • 2 gram fresh baker's yeast or 1 g dry baker's yeast
  • 460 ml milk
  • fifty gram of honey
  • 60 gram Of olive oil
  • 12 gram hallway
  • 90 gram seed paste 100 g of mixed seeds + 80 ml of water
  • To decorate
  • fifteen gram of seeds
  • Seed paste: put the seeds in a blender glass, add water and leave to hydrate for a minimum of 30 ml. Put the arm of the blender and grind to form a paste. Weigh 90 g for this recipe, put the rest in a glass jar with a lid and refrigerate for another preparation (it lasts in the fridge for 8 days)

  • Measure the milk in a jug, add the honey and oil and mix well.

  • Put the flours in the mixer bowl, the sourdough in pieces, the salt in a small corner, in the center add the liquids and the seed paste the 3 g of fresh yeast, knead at medium speed for 10 minutes, rest for 5 minutes and knead again for 15 minutes.

  • Turn the dough out onto a floured surface, round and store in an oiled bowl, cover and let rise until doubled in volume.

  • We turn the dough on the work surface, we form the bread, for this we form a rectangle and roll it on itself as if it were a Swiss roll, we put it in the oiled mold, we press lightly to distribute it well in the mold. and, we let it rest for the last fermentation. In my case it lasted an hour and a half, it depends on the temperature of each kitchen.

  • Gently paint the surface of the dough with milk and sprinkle seeds.

  • Bake in a preheated oven with heat up and down at 190º for 45 or 50 minutes. If halfway through baking it is necessary because we see that it is toasted too much, cover with aluminum foil.

  • Unmold on a rack, let cool and cut into thin slices.

Well, we've come this far and you don't have SOURDOUGH but you want to make this recipe anyway, substitute this recipe with SOURDOUGH for A TOTAL of 12g of fresh baker's yeast or 4g of dry baker's yeast and follow this recipe. You must think that perhaps the fermentation times of the dough are less, you must watch.
SEED MIX I bought them HERE.
FROZEN: You can slice the bread and freeze it, that way you can take slice by slice and just put it in the toaster and you will have it ready for a sandwich or a delicious toast for breakfast
I have used stone-ground flour from Molinos that I usually buy online, but use whatever flour you can get.
How to get the EXACT BAKING POINT? using a probe thermometer. To do this, stick the needle of the thermometer in the center of the bread when it has been baking for 30 minutes (not before) and when it reads 94º we can turn off the oven.

The flavor and texture of this bread is exceptional.

There is no delicacy that tempts me more at breakfast time than a slice of this delicious bread with tomato and olive oil, are you in?

To enjoy!

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