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  1. Shall we put LESS sugar?
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Make at home Strawberry jam It's very easy and it's hardly work, while we do anything else in the kitchen, at the same time we can put a small pot with the strawberries and the sugar and it will make itself, besides, now the strawberries they are very rich

I have always preserved and although in recent years I do less, I still like to do some. In this case, two small boats have come out.

It is true that the offer is overwhelming and we have a multitude of preserves in the supermarket and at home they are not much cheaper than what we can buy, but it is magical to taste our own preserves without additives or preservatives and most importantly, made by ourselves.

If you don't make a lot of it, it won't take you much time, so I encourage you to make even two jars of jam and you'll see not only how delicious it is, but also how satisfying it is.

To make a rich jam we must know that it is important to have the amount of pectin that each fruit contains to obtain a jam with a suitable consistency. Pectin acts as a thickener and we can use it in two ways, chemical or natural.

Shall we put LESS sugar?

Strawberries are a fruit with little pectin, so if to get an adequate thickness either you put a lot of sugar, or as in the case of today, you help to thicken with gelatin. The master formula of any jam is the same weight of fruit as sugar, in the case of today, only we have put a third of the amount of sugar indicated and to compensate and find the right thickness we have helped ourselves with gelatin sheets.

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Strawberry jam (another recipe)


2 jars of 250 ml capacity

  • 600 gram of ripe strawberries
  • 200 gram. of sugar
  • 30 ml of RON it's optional
  • 2 2 gc/u gelatin sheets
  • Wash the strawberries and remove the stem, cut them into pieces and put them in a pot (without water) with the sugar, add the rum

  • Put the pot over high heat until it reaches temperature, at which time, lower it a little and let it cook over medium heat for approximately 30 minutes.

  • Since we have put the strawberries almost whole, there will still be large pieces, so what I do is put the blender arm inside the pot at minimum speed and give it two or three strokes of crushing

  • Turn off the heat and add the gelatin sheets (previously hydrated for 5 minutes in enough water) Mix well and let cool.

  • Bottle following the packaging process that I explained to you HERE.

- With brown sugar, not only does it have a more beautiful color if possible,
- To make this jam, use a pot with a thick bottom, in this way you can make sure that it acts as a diffuser and you will prevent it from sticking.

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To enjoy!

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