Stuffed zucchini arm. LUCID

  • Zucchini roll stuffed with ham and cheese
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    Is STUFFED ZUCCHINI ARM. LUCID It is a kind of arm of vegetables that lovers of green as well as those who are not will love it. It is a light dish with an extraordinary mix of flavors that will pleasantly surprise your guests.

    The recipe came to me on the fly when my brother brought me a huge amount of zucchini that I used until I had the biggest one and I thought about making sheets and rolling it up, the result was so spectacular that I have repeated it on two occasions that I had guests and everyone liked it so much that they ended up asking me for the recipe.


    The salty arms They are fantastic for celebrations or when we have guests, I really like to put them on the first course and I alternate them between the EASY ARM SANDWICH BREADthe MONKFISH AND CRAB ARMthe GREEN ARM OF BONITO DEL NORTE or the SALMON ARM, I know that I will always be right with a starter like this.

    This is a very economical recipe, simple to make and very lucid.

    Zucchini roll stuffed with ham and cheese


    4 portions

    • about 600 or 700 g of zucchini in sheets.
    • 3 eggs DEMILLO
    • 6 slices of cheese
    • 200 gram of cooked ham about 5 slices
    • 200 gram of cheese that melts well
    • 3 tablespoons of piquillo pepper jam
    • Salt black pepper.
    • Extra virgin olive oil.
    • cherry tomatoes roasts
    • 1 garlic clove
    • about 14 or 18 cherry tomatoes
    • Salt
    • extra virgin olive oil.
    • for the finish
    • 1 I beaten egg
    • 100 gram ground fried corn
    • Wash and dry the tomatoes and put them in a baking dish with a clove of garlic, salt and a drizzle of oil. Roast in oven at 190º for 25 minutes and in Air Fryer at 190º for 10 minutes. Reserve.

    • Beat the 3 eggs, add salt and pepper and make a French omelette. Reserve.

    • Laminate the courgette(s) and arrange them on baking paper in an overlapping manner, forming a rectangle of about 35 x 25 cm or 40 x 30 cm, approx, it does not have to be exact. Sprinkle salt.

    • Place the French omelette cut in 3 over the rectangle. Cover the French with a line of pepper jam.

    • Cover with ham and cheese. Roll up the way you see in the video, forming a roll.

    • Let cool in the fridge for about 2 hours.

    • Grind the fried corn until you get a semi-fine texture.

    • Unfold the paper and leave the roll on the baking dish, paint with egg, sprinkle the fried corn.

    • Bake in a preheated oven at 190º with air and heat below for 20 minutes. If your oven does not have air, you can program it at 195º with heat below and above.

    • After baking, cut the first slice on each side because they look uglier and save to eat later. Cut the rest of the roll into 4 pieces, present it on a platter, cover with the roasted cherries and present it on the table to later plate in front of the guests.

    This roll can be eaten cold, warm or hot, although it is hot when the cheese melts better and will make our guests enjoy it more. However, if it is left over, cold it will be delicious with a perfect texture.

    Enjoy this delicious STUFFED ZUCCHINI ARM. LUCID

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