Sweet Quince with or without nuts

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Do we make SWEET QUINCE?

Autumn arrives and with this season the arrival on the scene of a lot of products with which we can prepare delicious recipes and preserves for the rest of the year. A sweet similar to that of the quince is the Apple SweetNor is my kitchen missing a lot of jars of Apple jamthe only one my kids like.

Elaborate quince jelly homemade has become something routine for me and I do it almost mechanically, it's easy, it's not fast but it's the only way to adjust the amount of sugar I put in it, something that doesn't happen if you buy it ready-made. I also make sure to use fresh quince, at its right point of ripeness, and that shows when it comes to the final result.

The quince jelly Like many of you, it has accompanied my life since I was a child, it is one of those traditional sweets that never goes out of style and never tires, on the contrary. My perfect pack is the one that accompanies quince-cheese. It is such a common sweet that we can find numerous commercial brands in supermarkets that make it successfully in many cases, but if you dare to make it at home you will enter a new dimension and it will solve many desserts.

Well, you have to do it if you want to, but you'll see that when I tell you how super easy it is and how fantastic it is, how encouraged you are.

It is a great plan to dedicate an afternoon to it, of which sometimes there is little desire to go out, because it is not that you have to spend all the time doing it, if you look at the recipe, there are specific moments in which you have to do things in this recipe, the rest of the time, it makes itself.

If you like the quince jelly doing it at home means significant savings because the quince made from craft mode is very expensive and you can only get it in some gourmet or organic product stores. And on the other hand, can you imagine how wonderful to see the final result with the satisfaction of having done it yourself? Awesome.

Sweet Quince with or without nuts

If you don't feel like flavoring it with vanilla, cinnamon and cognac, you can ignore them, but I assure you that it has a delicious flavor, nothing strong, very subtle and delicate.

Quince with or without nuts


  • 3,200 gram. whole quince After clean, peeled and without seeds, 2,100 gr remain.
  • 1,800 gram. of sugar
  • 1 vanilla bean optional
  • two cinnamon sticks optional
  • 200 ml of water
  • fifty ml cognac optional
  • 1 quartered lemon WITH SKIN
  • Peel the quinces, remove the seeds and cut them into cubes. (if you do it in a kitchen robot like the Thermomix, you can leave the skin)

  • Put the cut quinces in a large pot (it will be easier for you to stir) with the opened vanilla pod, the lemon pieces and the cinnamon sticks.

  • Add the sugar,

  • Add the water and cognac.

  • Stir to mix everything.

  • Leave to macerate for a minimum of three hours, it can be overnight or 6 hours as was my case, you will see how the fruit has lost its juices and everything has mixed with the sugar.

  • ATTENTION: If you are in a hurry you can skip this step and put the pot directly on the fire with the sugar even without stirring, I have tried it and it works.

  • Boil the quince over high heat until it reaches temperature, then lower the heat to medium and cook for 50 to 60 minutes.

  • When the quinces start to turn red, remove the vanilla pod, the 4 lemon wedges and the cinnamon sticks. The quinces have generated a large amount of liquid, REMOVE MOST OF THE LIQUID FOR ANOTHER CONTAINER (don't throw it away, we'll use it) and grind by putting the blender arm inside the pot and put it back on the heat for 20 minutes over medium-low heat. Don't walk away, stir with a wooden spoon from time to time, it's almost done. Be careful with the power of the fire, it must be low as it sizzles and the mixture is very hot.

  • The consistency is very thick cream, it's perfect.

  • Fill containers that you have at home, wet them beforehand so that they come off easily when unmolding.


  • Fill a first thin layer of quince, place nuts all over the surface, cover with more quince cream.


  • The same but without nuts 🙂

  • Once cold, the quince solidifies and you can remove it from the mold or leave it in the same container.

  • A great idea is to cut it into pieces and vacuum pack it, it lasts a whole year in perfect condition. It is also perfectly preserved in small hermetically closed tuppers lasts more than a year. I have tried freezing it, keeping it in the fridge and in a dark place in my pantry at room temperature, in all three ways it keeps perfectly thanks to the sugar, which is a wonderful natural preservative.

  • IT'S THERMOMIX (recipe for 1 kg of quinces + 1 kg of sugar, if you make more, repeat the operation)

  • Chop the quince well cleaned of seeds and into small pieces

  • Place the ingredients in the glass, first the 500 g of well cleaned quinces and 500 g of sugar, then 500 g of quince and the remaining 500 g of sugar, the cognac and blend

  • Blend with 5 turbo blows or 30 seconds at speed 5-10 and then cook for 20-25 minutes, 100º at speed 5-10 with the beaker. The quince has to move on the surface all the time, if you see that it doesn't, increase the speed a bit.

  • When it begins to thicken, and stops splashing, program 15 more minutes, 100ºC at speed 6-10 with the basket on the lid. If you see that it is not to your liking because it is too soft, cook for 15 more minutes. The quince will be ready when at maximum speed the mixture no longer moves. Pour into a fountain and wait for it to cool and save.

If you want your quince to have a lighter color, add the juice of two lemons and you will prevent it from oxidizing. I have not put lemon.
If you look at this post There is homemade quince made in different years.
The intense red quince It has been the product of leaving it on the fire for a longer time, so it has caramelized and only later when the pieces were already very colored and most of the liquid had evaporated, was when I crushed it and no longer cooked it.
Sugar is a wonderful natural preservative and quince takes a lot, so you won't have a conservation problem if you keep it in the fridge, and if you vacuum pack it, it has even lasted a year for me. COOKING TIME: the cooking time detailed in the recipe is GUIDEIt depends on the intensity of the fire you have, the degree of maturity of your quince, said which, if you have to leave it longer, leave it without fear, the only thing you have to be careful is that it DOES NOT BURN, for the rest, Let the water evaporate to get a compact quince and when it cools it will remain firm like the one in the photo.
Can you cook quinces with skin? yes, you can, although I prefer to peel them, I like the "cleaner" pulp.

Sweet Quince with or without nuts

When I do “Quince Sweet” I always take the opportunity to give small portions to people I love, it's not hard for me, it's as much for me to make one or two kilos, the work is the same and giving a homemade sweet is a delicatessen that those who receive it love.

Sweet Quince with or without nuts

I didn't weigh it after it was done, but it came out quite a bit, something we all love.

Sweet Quince with or without nuts

When I was little my mother always sent me a cheese and quince sandwich for a snack at school, it was the only thing I liked and since I was a rather capricious girl with food, they listened to me.

what do we do with it LIQUID THAT WE HAVE REMOVED FROM THE POT when the quinces were cooked? Without realizing we have done “QUINCE JELLY” and when it cools it will gel, it will thicken and we will fill jars that we can VACUUM PACKING . We will have a wonderful jelly with which to accompany yogurts, cover cakes or pastries. It's exquisite.

All are advantages making quince at home.

Sometimes I think that I learned to cook early because there were very few things that made me like to eat 🙂

Sweet Quince with or without nuts

The easiest thing in the world is to make quince jelly, there is very little if not any possibility of it going wrong, so if you are thinking about it, do not contemplate a failure, just think of the resounding success that you will obtain with this recipe.

Sweet Quince with or without nuts

And if you accompany the quince jam with a good cheese, mine is buttery from Arzúa, it's already wonderful.

to enjoy your quince jelly

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