TWELVE MENUS to say goodbye to the year and receive the next one

  1. Discover TWELVE MENUS to say goodbye to the year and receive the next one, succeeding in style

Discover TWELVE MENUS to say goodbye to the year and receive the next one, succeeding in style

We already have here New Year's Eve dinner and the truth is that we have put so much effort and planning into Christmas Eve that on this occasion we are a bit like leaving everything to the last minute. The New Year's Eve dinner is less formal and in many cases something more relaxed is sought.

That is why I have made a small selection thinking of those who Are you going to receive or celebrate at home? but that you do not want to be cooking until the last moment without being able to enjoy like the others.

Dishes you can have made in advance like some who know serve cold and that once prepared you only have to plate when serving, or others such as clams that at the last moment must be given a heat stroke to serve warm. As you can see, you have among those selected, cheap, colorful and delicious savory cakesalso some a little more sophisticated and higher priced, you have to choose and encourage you to cook at home and surprise.

For ACCESS THE RECIPE you must click on the photo.

For the second courses I have selected recipes, with meat and fish from the classic baked chicken, rich and great for beginners because the oven will do everything, it is also very cheap and no less rich for that going through the baked ham that we will have plenty of and meat for the next day or the stuffed hake that will allow the most seasoned cook to shine.

If you want to show off a little more, the Sirloin Wellington it is very showy and you can do it in the morning and bake before serving.

And if you are already overwhelmed with so much complication, do not complicate yourself too much, use a simple recipe that your guests will applaud with their ears.

You can adapt the garnishes to your tastes, have you seen THIS one that I published a few days ago?

Another one that I love to put on the table are these “Carrots confit with thyme”They are fantastic, healthy, rich and beautiful.

And for a green touchThis legume overflowing with health is perfect, GREEN PEAS

and if you really want tranquility and little hassle in the kitchen, a good salad is great to accompany and if you feel like it something warm and quick, an envelope puree (yes, about, today everything is forgiven) is done in a moment, to me the one that seems most successful is the one from the MAGGI brand.

here a photo (left) here the other photo (right)

Y In addition to the grapes, at any celebratory dinner there must be dessert, right? Also here I have chosen fresh desserts like these bowls with fresh pineapple and mangocrowned with a few tablespoons of Greek yogurt with chocolate flakes and raspberries, ideal to take after a copious intake and very easy for those who are starting out in the world of cooking.

The same goes for the lemon cream or nougat flan than no oven needed and it is very easy to make. For those who want something more elaborate, I suggest the frozen cake or the coffee flan and Baileys which is all TOP.

Fantastic as an easy proposal and the sea of ​​results are the nougat panacotta, or the little glasses of 3 chocolates or any of the other proposals presented in little glasses that you can have prepared in advance and have ready at the time of serving and I assure you that you will succeed like coca-colaThey are delicious.

And nothing more, except to remind you that if these proposals do not fit your tastes, you always have the selection of all the Christmas proposals and that you can see HERE.

I hope everything turns out deliciouscontinue cooking much and better at home next 2023 and continue to accompany me on this fun gastronomic adventure, this is your kitchen.

a hug to all of you 🙂


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