Weekly menu from November 21 to 27

  2. WEEKLY MENU from November 21 to 27
  3. Do we organize?
  4. The kitchen, that important place in the house
  5. We will use the best recipes
  6. How to choose the ingredients of the purchase?
  7. Do you have to spend a lot to eat well?
  8. Do you have to eat all the desserts on the weekly menu?
  9. My videos on YOUTUBE
    1. Weekly menu
  10. Who determines if you can eat the recipes published here if you have certain ailments or intolerances?
  12. In ALL CASES,
  13. Do you prepare any of the recipes you see HERE from another?
  14. Do you like original recipes?


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WEEKLY MENU from November 21 to 27

Saturday and the Weekly menu It comes full of proposals that I hope will help you think about your menus for the upcoming Christmas holidays.

Do we organize?

Our health largely depends on what we eat. That is why it is convenient to spend a little while on the weekend planning our meals of the following days where free time usually decreases and everything rushes with work, classes and unforeseen events.

The kitchen, that important place in the house

  • organize your kitchenit's alright Neat and clean before starting the task. Think carefully about the recipe you are going to cook, read it carefully and make sure you have all the ingredients.
  • It is important learn to cookdo it well or the best possible, take care of the details because these in the end will be the ones that mark the success of your dishes.

We will use the best recipes

  • meintersperse my recipes with yours, those of your family, neighbors or coworkersIt will help you eat better, healthier and, if possible, cheaper at home.
  • The kitchen is in fashionit is fun, exciting and has almost immediate effectsDevoting time to it is an activity that you will see rewarded in every way, first of all in the enjoy a good dish at mealtime but also and no less important, in your health and that of your family.
  • If you think this week I have not been lucky in the selection of recipesgo to Plan Blook in the blog indexThere are more than a thousand published recipes, I am sure that among them there will be one or more that you may like.

How to choose the ingredients of the purchase?

  • The ingredient quality It is very important to obtain good results. Currently there is a wide range of products of various prices, If your budget is tight, focus on ingredients from lower price but very high quality, seasonal ones always have a more manageable cost. I often mention the mussels as a clear example of economyThey are very cheap, delicious, have a thousand uses in the kitchen and are very nutritious and healthy.
  • make a list of what you are going to need the next week before going shopping and try not to stray from it, If you plan, in your house they will eat better and at a lower price. There is no life to throw away food, adjust your list and do not stray from it. Who has not been seen with more yogurt or fruit in the fridge that will not be consumed and will end up in the trash? ¡¡¡Avoid excessive purchase and save!!

Do you have to spend a lot to eat well?

  • No, of course not, if one day I put, seafood or sirloin does not mean that there is necessarily Throw the house out the windowIt means that those recipes are on the blog, but there are also cheaper chicken and ingredients, accommodate what you see in your pocket and look in this kitchen for more seasoned recipes if that is what you need. You already know that satisfying everyone is not easy, we all have to do a little on our part.

Do you have to eat all the desserts on the weekly menu?

  • No, in the section DESSERTS and SNACKScould put fruit every day that is what comesat least in one of the two sections, but this is a recipe blog and the fruit does not have a recipe, I trust your good judgment, do not make all the sweets that I proposeselect among those suggested those that you consider most appetizing, even if you like sweets, "control" is a very sensible word.
  • If you are concerned about refined sugar, I want you to know that youYou can also sweeten your desserts in a healthy way with DATE PASTE.

My videos on YOUTUBE

  • I want to invite you to visit MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL and subscribe to the channel, You are free! And don't forget to hit the bell. The subscribers to the channel will see before anyone else and exclusively the video recipes that I publish.
  • If you are looking for a good channel, mine is regular, if you are looking for well-edited and well-crafted videos, don't bother to visit my channel which is very basic and I limit myself to teaching the recipe and nothing else, there are much better ones than mine. I like to cook and teach, but I lack equipment, I promise to improve.

    Today I teach you how to cook and present a spider crab or spider crab, I'll explain it to you HERE IN WRITING and also on VIDEO.

    If you show this photo in your house and you hear screams, take note and give them the pleasure, it's time for a good COOKED GALLEGOdo not resist, enjoy

  • When you don't know very well what to do for snack or dinner, remember this INTEGRAL VEGETABLE PIE, It's super healthy, it's delicious, soft and you start eating and you don't know how to stop, you do it in a moment, it spreads a lot and if you have any left over, it's so tasty that you'll have it with breakfast, try it and tell me.Have you tried BICA DE LAZA?
  • Shall we start with Christmas recipes?
  • The SPICED CHRISTMAS CAKE It is one of those recipes that year after year appears at some point in my house, rich, abundant and delicious for rainy winter afternoons, essential
  • I leave you a CHOCOLATE TRUNK that well decorated with fruits that help to balance the bite, it can be very suitable


    I want to recommend this marinated salmon in beetroot that taking into account the upcoming holidays will be very useful for your appetizers. It is so simple to do that you will find it incredible that with so little effort you have this beauty and for such a low price. You have to buy a good piece of fresh salmon and in 2 days, you will get a result like this if you follow the instructions that I explained to you HERE.

    And the second recommendation is sweet, If you follow this blog, I'm sure you know it, but just in case, I present a cake that triumphs year after year in this blog, the “Chocolate and nougat cake”

    Let's go thinking about Christmas sweets 🙂

Who determines if you can eat the recipes published here if you have certain ailments or intolerances?

  • You doctor or specialist.
  • This is a home cooking blog, No There is no team of nutritionists or experts behind each publication, therefore this menu is not endorsed by any professional in the field, I trust your good judgment to select from the recipes that I propose the ones that best suit your needs and those of your family .
  • if you are to diet or are you worried about the scalefocus on the light and low-calorie proposals of those suggested. If you feel like eating everything and still worry about the scale, reduce the portions and get some exercise, a doctor friend of mine has a great phrase that says: “less plate and more shoe”.


  • There is no specialized section for light recipes, but if that is your concern, go adapting recipes to low-calorie ingredientsor the so-called light, I mean cheese, cream, butter. The same as for the sweet part, you can substitute sugar for sweetener suitable for confectionery (those that support the high temperatures of the oven).
  • If you like desserts but you are on a dietShe makes appetizing desserts using diced fruit of different and suggestive colors and gives creaminess to the whole with sugar-free and low-fat yogurt.


  • If you lead a sedentary life, do little exercise and love to eat everything, reduce your portions and try to forget about the car for a bit, walk!! It is very healthy.

Do you prepare any of the recipes you see HERE from another?

✅ It's normal, in each place or family there is an OWN RECIPE, I'm sure it's as tasty as the one I publish and if you prefer, use your recipe.

NO RECIPE IS BETTER THAN ANOTHER, they may just be different, and if anything, the best is the one that you like the most in your house or to you.

Do you like original recipes?

  • Well, possibly this is not your page, I don't cook like my grandmother did. I don't live like she did, I don't work in the fields, I don't spend the energy that she and her environment did 100 years ago, and also, I don't know the original recipe nor do I know who invented iteach house or family defends its recipe as the ORIGINAL one, I am not going to fight for it, each one is right to eat as they want, but I do like to emphasize that my recipes are adapted, all or almost all.

Over week I will remind you in my social networks , Facebook, Google+ Twitter me INSTAGRAMthe dishes of each day included in this weekly menu and also other new ones, you can follow me and you will have them at hand.

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➡️➡️➡️I hope you are encouraged to make a recipe from me WEEKLY MENU and that you enjoy it with family, friends or in solitude that is also very comfortable alone.

If you have any questions, I am at your disposal at frabisa@gmail.comIt may take a few days, but FOREVER context.

You can get the utensils, pots, pans, molds and products that I use by visiting My AMAZON store

from there and seeing the photos of the recipes organized by sweets, breads, meats, fish, etc. you can access directly, do not miss it, IT IS SUPER PRACTICAL.

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